Royal Secrets is on Readict!

Royal Secrets is a contemporary royalty romance on Readict.

Finally, Desjardins, a wealthy European principality, has negotiated an ambassador from the United States. The ambassador’s daughter Chrissy is hosting her childhood friend Ginny MacDonald for the summer. Both young women idolize Desjardins’ dashing prince Alexander. When they’re introduced to him, that meeting sparks a cruel competition between the two friends. The trophy? Alexander’s heart.

Alexander Leandres is everything a handsome prince should be. His dark hair and blue eyes melt women’s hearts. But there is something missing from his life of glitz and glamor. When he is introduced to the new ambassador’s guest and acting secretary, his life will change in ways he’d never dreamed possible.

Ginny had watched Alexander from afar, never dreaming that one night, in a cape, its hood shadowing her face, she’d creep up the palace’s back stairs, the sound of her own footsteps reminding her of mistresses in a century long past.

Inspired by the famous love affair of Edward VIII of England and the American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, Royal Secrets is a poignant story of love and loss…and of the power of love.


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