Morgan Gabriel D’Arcy

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I am Morgan D’Arcy, Earl of St. Averil, concert pianist and vampire.  I was born in 1634, was a young man during the English Civil war and fought with Charles II at the ill-fated Battle of Worcester.  By the time he was restored to the throne in 1660, I was a creature of the night.

If I dissect myself into the separate facets I list above, I shall begin with the title.  I became the Earl of St. Averil in 1645 when my father perished fighting with the Royalist army at the Battle of Naseby.  My ancestral home, Royal Oak, commands a view of the sea from a hill overlooking a hamlet of a village on the coast of Devon.  Most of my time, however, is spent at my London residence in Eaton Place Mews, Belgravia.

On to the concert pianist, I learned my art on the harpsichord from an Austrian genius named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Later, I studied with Liszt, Ravel and Debussy.  In this twenty-first century, I am a celebrated performer in concerts worldwide.  Yet I have played Mr Piano Man in a smoky piano bar in Charleston, South Carolina to an audience too drunk or sad to listen.  That’s another story…

I was a fighter pilot in World War II, flying night missions over Nazi Germany.  Today, I fly a Lear jet to and from Royal Oak and London, sometimes ferrying members of my brethren to the Europe for continental fare.

The vampire was born in 1659 on a winter night in Paris.  Rather than pay time its due and sacrifice youth and beauty, I gave my mortal life to Dominique du Montcleare.  The name Dominique to this day reminds me of the word dominant.  My transformation was my reward for winning a cruel wager that ultimately ended eternity for Dominique.

The Vampyre are not walking dead.  In a ritual blood exchange, a fragile virus is introduced into the host.  The blood borne pathogen is a mutagen.  The transformation from mortal to immortal is a mutation of DNA by the Vamprye virus.  I embraced my vampire nature, reveling in the hedonism and amorality.  I love women to a fault.  Over the centuries, I have admired and offered my affection to many women.  But in three hundred fifty years, I have never loved.

As you can see, I have everything…except what I most desire–the woman I love.

  Sinners’ Opera is the tale of our Folie à deux.

My birth to the Vampyre and wanderings with my king will be told in Sinners’ Waltz and in The Golden Cavalier I will introduce the young mortal man that I once was.  Sinners’ Obsession is the sequel and is currently in rewrites. As the title suggests, it is a story of obsession but have no doubt, it is a love story.